What is MODA.DOC?

MODA.DOC América Latina is the first documentary film about ethical fashion & crafts that aims to connect the stakeholders of Latin America. We understand that fashion businesses are important to promote economic changes in local markets and societies. We also understand that the differential of fashion in Latin America can be sustainability.

In Latin America we have absolutely everything to create an integrative and ethical production chain: milenar textile culture, natural fibers, natural dying, materials, technology, creative workforce, vibrant and ancient cultures.

We want to help to build a brighter and stronger future in the fashion industry of the whole continent and promote local transformation. 

We believe in our potential to create a more ethical and original fashion system.

Our Team

MODA.DOC América Latina is the sum of efforts: Zöe, Mariana, Marinna, Lucas, Marco, Petry, Maria Fernanda, Carolina, Macarena, Brian, Bia, Thaielly, Thiago, Annalucia, Rosangela, Rochele, Mont, Fabio, Gustavo, Eduardo, Lina, Giovana. It’s made by active citizens and for active citizens in the name of development, environmental and social justice of Latin America.




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