First documentary film about sustainable fashion and craftsmanship in Latin America. It’s a film about the awakening of consciousness, about the horizontalization of the world and the opportunity that Latin America has to rediscover and assess its identity. The film has as its basic promise disseminate and promote real and existing solutions to the problems of the fashion industry and guide possible paths to innovative companies working in the bias of sustainability (based on four pillars, social, cultural, environmental and economic). The film also aims to value the handcraft and enable reflection to make consumers aware and responsible for their choices. Today there is an urgent need to carry out the work of education and awareness of the general public to develop the concept of conscious consumption. The consumer must scape from the influence of the media and must question, search, choose and ask. It’s the consumer who has in a way the real power. The power of the demand. The market wants to respond to the demand. However, it’s a feedback cycle if it’s the market that provides the information on consumption. “The mass keeps the brand, the brand has the media and the media controls the masses.” George Orwell. The MODA.DOC LATIN AMERICA aims to change the perception of the consumers. However, the proposal is not only to think about how it is today but to consider how it can be in the future.



We are seeing a growing appreciation of traditional skills which are undervalued and underutilised in mass manufacturing. Millennials, in particular, are looking for authenticity and for connections; for participation rather than purchasing. Latin America has an incredibly diverse and rich textile heritage and can contribute to a more sustainable design aesthetic by showcasing its artisanal skills. We need to build a future for fashion where we are creating clothing which appeals not just commercially, but which also feeds our growing desire for a connection with the people who make our clothes and this documentary film will be an important part of building those connections.

Carry Somers

Fashion Revolution, Founder
This is such an important project - made by active citizens for active citizens in the name of environmental and social justice. Fashion is not only a full spectrum industry, but an industry made by hands - I look forward to discover the beautiful handprint of Latin America and hear the stories behind what we wear.

Livia Firth

Eco Age, Founder and Creative Director
It's so good to see this initiative which will look more carefully and honestly at the fashion and textile industry in Latin America. One of the worlds richest continents when it comes to traditional textiles but what about the relationship to modern demands for clothing, the constant drive to the lowest price and quality and the impacts on people and planet? I'm looking forward to discovering the stories that are uncovered through this project.

Jocelyn Whipple

Fashion Revolution, Governance and Operations / Country Coordinators Liaison



Author, screenwriter and director


Executive Producer

Karen Campos


Tanise Haas

Fashion Producer

Luana Krieger


Luana Ouverney

International advisory

Valeska Nakad

Content reviser

Catherine Ferraz




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